About Ana

I was born in Portugal to an incredibly strong and loving single mother (Marcelina) and after having lost her at the age of 4, I came to Canada to live with my new family.  I love being Canadian. I love my Portuguese heritage too.

I am a realtor in Ottawa Canada and a mother of two of the most amazing kids on the planet.

My Love of Photography

I have always loved photography, always.  So many times, I would find myself transfixed in front of a beautiful photo in a gallery or in a book and would be transported to that place instantly.  I have always marveled at how photographers are able to catch in their subjects such beauty, fragility, pain, or joy. Yes, it’s the lighting, the angle, etc. But I feel it’s simply how the photographer is seeing what he or she is seeing.  What makes their photography so beautiful and moving is their unique perspective of what is in front of them. Perhaps their own beauty, fragility, pain or joy is imprinted on what they shoot.

Photography is an outlet for my creativity and I do it for fun.  Slipping away into the forest or finding interesting subjects to shoot fills my cup and recharges me.  I get lost in my surroundings and really connect with what I’m shooting. It slows me down, brings me back into being in the moment and being mindful.

With camera in hand, I’m always in my happy place, where ever that happens to be.

So now, years later, I have finally stepped a little closer to the lens and am ready to share what I see, through my lens, with you.  I tend to find beauty where many may not even think to look.  It’s all around us really, we just need to open our eyes and hearts to what is around us.

I hope to inspire you to look at things from different angles and perspectives and maybe find some beauty not before seen or some joy not yet found.

With Gratitude,

Ana Ideias